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By: Lupita C.
Colombia, Age 13

When to little gorgeous girls were born from the superior gods Zeus the god father from heaven and Athena the god of wisdom. Both of the were proud of his daughters, one of the twins was really beautiful but the other was such a horror. The most of the gods loved their sons even if they aren’t beautiful, thin or smart. Zeus and Athena couldn’t do anything about it; just accept their twin the way she was.
Days, month, years and time passed and the two little girls weren’t little anymore. At this point the two girls had there own thought way to dress up and friends too. Something that the two teenagers had in common was the eye in the same beautiful guy. This beautiful guy was Justin the god of music, when you hear his melody you just can be aware of falling for him. The two girls that were almost 15 years old, the only thing they do all day long was fight with each other. Zeus and Athena both desperate about the bad communication of her daughters decided to was placed the two of them on separate towers. One was going to be located east was the opposite climate of the nerd twin tower what was west. Another thing this towers had different were that when there was winter on east the hot wild wind was on the west. Obviously Athena and Zeus get to a point were sometime of the years may be to 50 or more this to little twins will fin there self together out of the tower meaning that they are sharing the same place. When they find there self together you could see pain directly form their blue and greenish eyes, and on top of that light and bright colors you see red flames jumping up and down like fire. However each time they met they go around and around in circles like a smoothie on a blender and the metal knifes inside it fighting to try to destroy the ice inside it, until you reach the point there is no more chunk of ice just little pieces of it. These were the causes that happened when they met just a black hole spinning around destroying everything down the road.
“Zeus I don’t know what to do, I am driving crazy just about thinking of our daughters.” Athena said in desperation. She was read as an apple and with one of her hand on the front face.
“Athena don’t worry!” exclaimed “ but we need to be comprehensive, we can’t let our daughters on a tower from the rest of there life’s.” said the old positive father. As he thinks more and more his face change on a rare way, one was when one of there eyebrows what almost till the head.
Years had past but every time this two girls meet earths Strong’s winds spinning around I n circles with ay and wildness and because of this to hot and cold sisters we had tornadoes on earths.