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''The BIG Explosion''

By: Julietta M.
Colombia, Age 13

The god of egotism, Bryan, was always talking about his ´´beautiful´´ face. Because he was the god of egotism, his face was Earth. That’s why Bryan took so much care of his face. He was always trying to avoid butter and junk food to keep his face free of pimples or any imperfection. Lots of people wanted him to eat some kind of junk food so that he could stop talking about how beautiful he thought he was. In every single conversation he has with someone he needed to include his face. Bryan was VERY annoying. Everyone tried to make something to his face in many different ways, but it was impossible. He always caught people who tried to play a joke on him. One time, he was eating and apple. He left for a moment to look for some water. The god of jokes put butter through the whole apple. When Bryan was about to eat it, he smelled the butter and he almost killed the god of jokes. Even in parties he didn’t eat. He regretted absolutely everything that was junk food.

One beautiful, beautiful night there was a HUGE party in which every single god and goddesses were invited. Even the most uncool gods were there. At the party there was food everywhere, gods and goddesses dancing etc. Everyone at the party started to make Bryan want to eat junk food. Everyone did a great job because without anyone watching, he took a bite to some French fries.

Bryan went to the bathroom because he felt strange. Suddenly, Bryan shouted so hard that everyone started to freak out. Everyone went running to the bathroom to see what happened to Bryan. He was crying on the floor and sucking his thumb. He looked absolutely like a baby.

¨Bryan! What’s happening?! Are you all right? ¨, asked the goddesses of gossip.

¨I have a pimple! ¨, he replied. Explocion

¨JAJAJAAJAJAJA! ¨, laughed everyone.

He continued crying like for two hours more. When he stopped crying he went home. He couldn’t stand the idea of having a pimple on his face, so he decided to squeeze it. Bryan touched the pimple and fainted because of the fact the HE had a pimple. When he woke up, he went to the bathroom and saw that humongous pimple; and before he could faint again, he squeezed it. That thing was so big that it flooded the whole place. Everyone was dying and the city was being destroyed.

So now, when a volcano explodes, it’s Bryan dealing with a pimple.