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Playground of the Gods

By: Clark C.
California, Age 13

The temple columns swayed as the four young Gods ran around the palace in a hurry. Their parents, Cosmo and Wazbanka, yelled at them and told them to get outside and play in the Milky Way Galaxy. As they leaped out into the cluster of stars and planets they thought of different games to play, such as pool, horseshoes, paintball and darts. They started off with pool, playing for a little while until all but one ball was left. The brothers took close aim and launched the planet way out into space farther than their eyes could see. They called this planet Pluto. The brothers then started another game.''Horseshoes with rings,''called one brother. ''The target will be..over there!'' They each had one ring that they took turns throwing. All but one landed on the planet.It spun and spun until the rings were combined, they called this planet Saturn. ''Next game!''called another brother. They grabbed their paintball guns and headed further into space. There was a Red and Blue team with two brothers on each. The shots were fired,and it was a whole mess of red and blue paintballs heading toward each other. They had all missed each other (technically), but physically, all of them had hit a planet.Two planets turned red and another blue. They named them Mars,the red planet, and Earth the blue planet. Next they moved on to darts. ''First one to stick four darts in the white satellite wins!!'' Off they went throwing their spears at the round orb. There were no winners because they all stuck the target at the same time. They called this the Moon. Tired and exhausted they went home. That is the story of why Saturn has rings, the Moon has holes, Mars is a red planet, Earth is a blue planet, and Pluto is the planet that is the farthest away from them all.