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By: Noah M.
Georgia, Age 13

Percpurcisus was one of the sons of hurculese, so as you can guess he was very strong. He was also a hard worker and he was always wondering what the water that would drip down his head was. No one else had ever had this water drip all over their body before.
He wanted to live in olympus with his dad more than anything!!! So, one day he went to the temple of the gods and called upon his father. He answered and said '' what is it my son? '' Percpursicou answered '' father, i want to live on Olympus with you! '' Hercules thought for a moment and said '' yes i see, i too wanted to live in Olympus with my father as well '' He said well how do i do it? He said '' you must prove yourself a true god. He replied and said '' ok father i wont let you down!!!
So he thought and said i will rescue the beautiful Persophone back from hades! So, he set off for the underworld. H had to face monstrous creatures like, 3 hydras, cerburus, and menacing creatures.! But with his might strength and will to get to Olympus!
With this it took loads and loads of sweat the gods had never seen anything like this before! but, he succeeded in his goal to get to Olympus and eventually married Persephone. With this adventure is took loads and loads of sweat.
The gods had never seen this before and they thought that sweat should serve as a reward. So, they gave sweat to every one in the world that works hard. And thats why sweat is called Perspiration after, Percpurcicous.