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Prince Fuego

By: Jake S.
Georgia, Age 13

In the high mountains their lived a prince named Fuego. He was Sent there by Zues. Ever since he was born he was obsessed with himself. He would have mirrors around his rooms. He was sent to the high mountains by Zues to be away from the kingdom, because he almost let Hades free from the under world.
When Fuego was about fifteen he came down to earth from the high skies.He wondered around looking for somewhere he could look at himself. He found the ocean where he could look at himself. HE looked at his beautiful face for a long time and his amazing body. After hours of looking himself the water started turning black. a face started to appear. It was Hades from the underworld but the prince didnt know who it was. He told him how he was sent to the underworld and how he was actually good and that Zues was the bad one. Hades explained to him that he needed a diamond from the high mountain of Olympus. HE said if you help me find this diamond ill build you a palace of mirrors when he was free.
Fuego went to mountain Olympus and searched for the diamond. He told Zues he wanted just to see it. so he gave it to him and then went to see Hades. However when Zues realized what the diamond was for he quickly rushed to the prince. He told Hades to leave and yelled at the prince. he sent him away to the high mountains for eternity. so every time when it gets hot is because Zues lets him out of the mountains and lets him roam the earth for a couple months.