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By: Kayla C.
Georgia, Age 13

A long time ago, in a large kingdom, Zeus, King of all gods,began to feel dull and board. Soon after the gods and goddesses started to feel the same way. Zeus started to question everybody. Why did they feel this way? Was it something he did? What could he do to help?
Zeus went to his daughter, Athena. She is the goddesses of wisdom and war, patriotism and good citizenship. Zeus ask Athena, ''Do you feel the same way as the other gods and goddesses? Do you know why they are feeling like this?''
Athena replied, ''Yes, I do feel the same way. To my understanding it is the lack of entertainment.''
Zeus then went to Aphrodite. She is wife of Hephaestus, she is the goddess of love and beauty. He asked, ''Everyone has been feeling down. Is there anything you can do to help this feeling to go away?''
Aphrodite replied, ''No, there is nothing I can do. But you can create a son and give him the ability to make a rhythmic sound and melodies to fill the emptiness.''
So Zeus went home and created a son named Apollo. He was god of poetry, music, and medicine, and god of light. From now on everyone was more entertained.