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Poseidon's Tears

By: Danielle H.
Georgia, Age 13

One day, in a field of grass, Poseidon was having lunch with all of his daughters and sons. He was talking to everyone of his daughters and sons except his one daughter.
She was always tried her hardest to do things but failed. She got upset when she failed but she couldn't help it. Anyways, she was very lonely. No one else liked to talk to her. Think of how lonely she felt. She always tried to talk to her siblings but she, as always, failed.
She decided to get up and leave. Nobody noticed. She went far away from the field of grass. It seemed like hours until she finally got to the big forest full of trees, animals, and shrubs.
In the mean time, back at the field of grass, Poseidon searched frantically for his daughter. Everyone was looking for her. She was known to leave at times randomly because no body talked to her. She would always go somewhere in the field and hide. It was the same place every time: in the pile of freshly cut grass along the edge of the property. Everyone went looking for her in the pile of grass. No one seemed to find her.
Poseidon was letting his daughters and sons look for her. Meanwhile, he was up in his castle, in her room, cherishing the memories he's had with her. There weren't very many, considering he never really talked to her. He looked in the corner of her room. There was something shining. He got up and looked at. It was a three-pronged spear. He also saw a card attached to it. It said
'To Daddy: The best Dad in the world. I love you.' He felt something run down his cheek. It felt like a drop of water. Then another. And another. He looked up at the ceiling. He thought that there may have been a leak. He was wrong. There was no leak. It was from his eyes. He cried and cried. It seemed like years. It really was years, too. He had missed every single one of his kids weddings, baby showers and funerals. Once in a while, someone would knock on the door. He never let them in. He did not want them to see his shame.
He had felt so bad. He didn't talk to her a lot. He always yelled at her, because she couldn't do anything right. He felt terrible now. He'll never see her again. That was his last thought.
He drowned in his tears. He kept crying in heaven though. He got to see her but nothing could describe how bad he had felt. he couldn't give her anything. Except...
As he kept crying, he made a large river on the field of grass. The river became larger and larger and it became a small lake. He named it after her. Everyone now called it Caribbean Lake. He still didn't feel better. He kept crying and crying and crying some more. It finally became a sea. He felt so much better. The Caribbean Sea was perfect. Caribbean felt excited and happy. There was nothing more that she had ever wanted.