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Rampage in Atlantis

By: Sarah M.
Massachusetts, Age 13

Rampage in Atlantis.

There was a young man living in Atlantis and he wasnít the nicest guy in the world and he was planning a horrible thing and that was to destroy his home land of Atlantis well what he didnít know was that the god Durga was on to him and he would soon learn so.
It was a bright and sunny morning everything started off perfect. People were walking around and going to the market to buy their goods. But when this young man that everyone despised walked into the market they made sure that they didnít get in his way. This young manís name is William. William was planning a horrible thing that day and it was to destroy Atlantis. He hated Atlantis but nobody knew why. He was born and raised in Atlantis why would he hate it so much? But William was on a mission and it was to destroy. Well the goddess named Durga was watching from above and knew what he was up to and so she decided to let him go on with his plan so that he would feel happy with himself but before he could do any harm to Atlantis Durga was going to punish him by turning him into stone and putting his statue in the middle of Atlantis so everyone could see. Well when William went home to make his bomb that was supposed to be able to blow up the whole island of Atlantis he felt a weird sensation that someone was watching him and so he turned around and saw Durga standing right next to him. What are you doing here Durga? I am here to stop you from making a horrible decision. I am not making a horrible decision there is no need for Atlantis to be here any longer William stated. If you try to do this I will have to turn you into stone Durga stated. You canít do that you are fiscally not able to William said. I can do anything I want with who I want no matter what you say Durga insisted. Well I am going to bomb this place. Well that was Williamsís last words before he could say anything else Durga used her powers and turned him into stone and he no longer talked again. A day later she moved him into the center of Atlantis for everyone to see who almost destroyed their wonderful land that they love and admire. And that is how statues came to be. People still say that his statue still remains in the ocean waiting for someone to undo the curse.