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Jaguar And The Man Who Stole Fire

By: Austin M.
Massachusetts, Age 13

In ancient times there was a South American god named Jaguar. Jaguar was very advanced he had the power of fire so he could cook his meat while the mortals ate it raw. Also he had bow and arrows to hunt while no one else did. One day while he was out hunting he meet this poor man who was all cut up and starving. Jaguar took pity on the man and took him back to his home. Here Jaguar showed the man how to hunt use traps but also showed him the power of fire. The man re-paid Jaguar by killing his wife and taking his fire. Then Jaguar swore to get revenge on the man so he chased after him. Now the man was expecting the powerful god to come and kill him so he kept running. Every once and a while the man heard Jaguar yell his name. The man was very scared so he was running full speed away but every now and then he would trip and fall and spill some fire causing it to light other things on fire. The man didnít want to destroy a city so he started running in the woods instead but he still tripped there and light trees on fire. Some people claim to have seen this man running in the woods so they believe the chase is still going on. This is the story of how forest fires start.