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Jaquar's Tail

By: Erin K.
Massachusetts, Age 13

A jaguar had come in a mysterious boat all by himself. This was no ordinary jaguar. He was the Master of fire, and he had a special power that came from his tail. This powerful gato had come from a futuristic island. Where he had come all the people had fire and was one of their most important resources. They had used it for food, warmth, and for light. This was a modern technology that the people of Atlantis had never experienced. All the people of Atlantis were originally ragamuffins but they wore silk after fire had come to Atlantis. The jaguar’s tail had the power to make fire; he had shared his power of fire with everyone in Atlantis. The surrounding places of Atlantis had quickly become jealous of the fire. The country of Atlantis was now a lot more advanced than the other countries. While other people were eating raw meat we were eating succulent cooked meat. The fire had made the people of Atlantis very rich and they had prospered a lot because of the beautiful thing that Jaguar had brought. The citizens had not handled the fire in the best way. Many people were injured or had perished because of the fire. There were fires that had damaged the island severely. One day the fire was not used correctly and the whole island was caught on fire and the size of the fire kept duplicating. Some islanders had escaped this true disaster and some had died right there on Atlantis. The jaguar had passed away on that island and fire has not yet come back to the modern day. We have made sure that we do not use the power of fire like the Atlantians. When a fire happens now we look back at the Atlantians and say our fire wasn’t as bad as the people of Atlantis. The Great Jaguar is now a god of no worship because he was the one had started the devastating fire of Atlantis. Fire is dangerous and has power that you should not play with.