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Mahisha the buffalo demon and how buffalos got there name

By: Jeff F.
Massachusetts, Age 13

>Long ago in a land called Atlantis a demon was born her name was MAHISHA and everyone thought She looked like really weird. One day she ran away to a land of prairies. There she saw amazing creatures but oddly they looked like her. One day she saw something it was a strong buff boy named alo roaming through the prairie and she immediately fell in love they met she loved him he loved her but on there wedding day he disappeared she was so upset she cried for years then one day she packed her things to go home but before she left she looked at the beasts and she declared that there name would be buff after the boys strength and also for his first name .When she arrived home her father said Where have you been these some 30 years she said ive been living in the land of the buffalos her father said watt are you talking about there are no such people they are not people said mahisha they are beasts that I have given a name to said mahisha but her father would not stand for this defiance over his ruler ship so he killed here