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By: Max V.
Massachusetts, Age 13

Why are there seas and tsunamis?

Before there were seas there was only land. Mother earth that had created the earth never made very large bodies of water only rivers and lakes and seas. When Poseidon was proclaimed god of the sea he was upset complaining his brothers got the bigger kingdoms. So he went down to Hades and asked if he could have half of the underworld. When Hades refused Poseidon became angry and went to Zeus. Zeus told Poseidon that he couldn't give him part of the sky to rule but instead he made giant clouds that made it rain on earth for 100 years. When this flooding was over Poseidon had a kingdom bigger than ever which were the 7 seas. Zeus also gave Poseidon the power to be able to control earthquakes which he could use to make tsunamis and flood land to expand his kingdom whenever he wanted to, but Zeus warned him not to flood too much land or the humans wouldn't have any land to live on. Sometimes he uses this power to punish the people who have done something against him. Other times Poseidon feels like he needs to expand his kingdom and makes giant tsunamis.