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By: Jason T.
California, Age 13

Izanagi and Izanami
Izanagi and Izanami were believed to create the islands of Japan. The story began when they both came from heaven and saw the chaos below them. So Izanagi swirled his spear and when a drop of water dropped from his blade, an island was created. They made a sacred tower and flew in a different direction and once they met face to face they married.
Then they made many islands, mountains and gods. Once Izanami gave birth to the sun god she died from a burning fever. He chased after his wife to the underworld. Once he caught up with her he lit a comb to see her and sprang back. She became a rotting corpse and yelled in rage to be seen in her condition. She chased him with her demons and was just at his heels. Izanagi reached the top and rolled a bolder into the entrance sealing the underworld from the living. She vowed that 1000 people would die every day and Izanagi vowed that he would make 1500 people each day.
This is how the Japanese believe that their islands were created. This one of the myths that the Japanese have.
This is another myth from china about a war that created some Chinese religions.
China’s war
The emperor Huang Di stood at the head of his army of bears, leopards and gods. His opponent Chi You wanted his throne and blew a think fog that blinded them. Not thinking back he rushed his army into the fog and then gathered his survivors and fled. Chi you was mad so he asked his demon army to help him and they did so by making the rain so furious that the emperor and his army was drowning. The emperor called his daughter he secret weapon to help and sucked all the water and made the mountains shake and lighting roar wildly. The demons were full of fear and the emperor attacked and war the war.

This myth and the myths that this creates made some Chinese realign like the Buddhist Taoists and confusion.