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'' When Lightning Strikes''

By: Matt S.
Pennsylvania, Age 13

High above the sea stands a Mt. Olympus, which is home to all the gods. One day on top of Mt. Olympus Zeus and all the gods called a meeting. The meeting was to discuss how to punish the people who did not offer praise to them. The gods agreed on a plan to send a spy to find out who was not praising them. Zeus said that he could be the one to go and find out the names of all the people who did not praise them.
The next day Zeus descended the mountain in a human disguise. For two months, Zeus was collecting names for the gods. He returned to Mt. Olympus to tell the gods. He read off the list for hours. The gods were insulted and debated on what the punishment should be. They debated for a week and finally came to an agreement. The gods decided to let Zeus choose the punishment because he is the one who collected the names. Zeus decided to use his power of lightning to set as an example to the other people that if they did not praise the gods, they would be punished.
So the next morning Zeus began punishing the people and each day he punished another person from the list. So whenever lightning strikes, somebody is being punished by Zeus.