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By: Kristin D.
Florida, Age 11

Once upon a time there was two monkeys just walking through the forest.

Micheal was looking for food.

Hermet was looking for something to play with and all of a sudden.

They ran right into each other and Micheal said I'm so sorry.

I didn't mean to run into you right then.

Hermet said no I'm sorry for running into you and Micheal said do you want to come eat dinner with me let this be my apology to you Hermet.

'No' I don't want to bother you Micheal no this is my apology to you from me.Well ok thank you Hermet said.

So as they were walking home Hermet said what are we having for dinner Micheal well we are having spaghetti and meatballs and corn and some other stuff yummy that sounds good .

Wow man when you said some other stuff you must be really hungry well they got done eating.

Hermet said i am full if i try to eat any thing else i think i will explode me to . Hey ' Micheal do you want to come to my house yea thank you for inviting me over Hermet your welcome see you tomorrow.

Tomorrow i went over to Hermets house and we played all day man and we talked.

So i left and went home and took a shower then i ate dinner and then i watched tv all night .

Then i fell asleep and i woke up in the morning and ate cereal i told Hermet to come over for breakfast but he never showed up.

Then i sat out all day finally i saw Hermet and i said hey and he sat down and we talked all day and that's how me and Hermet and me became friends the end.