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Chi You, The Unforgiving

By: Wesley W.
New Jersey, Age 10

Once on an island far from other civilization there was a terrifying beast that terrorized the towns on the island, his name was Chi You. Once a week Chi You had to get a sacrifice from each town, or he threatened to make the volcano erupt. One week a man named Quetzalcoatl was to be the sacrifice. He had played with snakes all his life. Since he was so different, everyone else said he should be the sacrifice. Once Quetzalcoatl had gotten to the point of sacrifice, he bowed cowardly and said, I am your sacrifice. Then he huddled in a ball on the ground. A snake had followed him there. When the snake saw him cowering on the ground the snake called on every snake on the island. Then the snakes charged at Chi You and dropped him into the volcano. After that and forevermore there were no more threats or sacrifices on the island, and everyone then respected the lighthearted Quetzalcoatl.
The End