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Poseidon and the Cult of Eurifiles

By: Annalise D.
Ohio, Age 13

Long ago there was a god of the sea, Poseidon. Poseidon was known by many names, his most common (other than Poseidon) was Earth Shaker. It was said that he could collapse a single town with just a thrust of his trident; now he had created many creatures. One is the horse. Many people were jealous of the Earth Shakerís creatures; including the hippocampi. A hippocampi is a creature that had the torso, head, and, neck of a horse and tail of a fish. It was quite magnificent indeed. They were intended to pull Poseidonís chariot.
Not long after Poseidon created them, while there were not more than five at the time there was a cult plotting against the mighty Earth Shaker. This was the cult of Eurifiles. Eurifiles was a cult, scheming in the shadows to overthrow Poseidon. Ever since the early days when Eurifiles was alive, he hated Poseidon. His grandchildren and their children carried on the legacy. No one challenged Poseidon, no one but the cult of Eurifiles. The Cult decided to capture male and female hippocampi and take credit for discovering the species.
They took a large ship and attached two cages to a pulley; they baited the traps and set them in the water. Soon enough both hippocampi, caught the scent of the bait .They were lured into the traps. The cult of Eurifiles thought it was like taking candy from a baby, but not so. As they lifted the traps from the water, the male hippocampi thrashed violently. The cult leader stabbed it, hoping to make it stop, but it only made it worse. Both Poseidon and Zeus saw this and were angered by it. They worked together Zeus blowing fast and furious wind and Poseidon rain and gigantic waves. The ship was overturned and the hippocampi broke free and swam away. Meanwhile the Eurifiles drowned. Thus that was how the hurricane came to be.