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The Unforgettable Day

By: Kyra C.
New Jersey, Age 10

Once upon a time there was a girl named Izanimi. She was very adventurous. So one night she decided to run away since she had the worst week ever. It all started two days ago when she woke up with gum in her hair and a pile of cat hair on her bed. So she decided to run away. So she packed the few important things she thought she might need and took off. It took her six hours to find some place reasonable but when she was about to fall over she found an ocean. So she dropped her things and decided to take a walk. After about 15 minutes of walking she felt a big shock and when she opened her eyes she saw a big balloon that said ˘Get Well Soon!÷ She thought she was dreaming but 2 seconds later a tall woman with long black hair and hazel eyes came in and told Izanimi all about how she got struck by lighting and then a lifeguard found her lying on the ground unconscious. Then he took you here and you woke up!
So thatĂs how you got here! A couple of weeks later she was back to her old self again. So she packed up all of the cards and balloons and drove home. When she got home she snuck through the back door and went to her room. Then she decided sheĂd go back to the ocean and she if she would get struck again. So when it came nighttime she packed up her things again and took off. Then she arrived at the ocean still as tired as last time and then her mouth dropped open. There she saw a brown 5 headed dragon. She started to run but the dragon started to talk and said
ŠI am friendly.÷ So she went to the dragon and the dragon was actually friendly. So they swam in the ocean and played hide and seek. They had a great time together and when they came home her mom was totally shocked but after a while she got used to him and eventually he was like part of the family.