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By: Rachel K.
Ohio, Age 13

A long time ago, there was a spotted caballo that was always made fun of by other caballos. She thought she didn’t fit in, like a rooster in a hen house. What made her different is that she had brown spots instead of being all white like the others. Because she was so different, Artemis, the goddess of animals, liked her the most. Every so often Artemis would visit Gaia, wondering how her caballo was doing.
“How is she doing?”
“Well not so good, and now she doesn’t have anyone because a lion attacked her mother.” Gaia said quietly.
“That is horrible! But I have great news, I came up with a name for her!”
She named her Raya, because raya is what she needed to stand out. One day she was watching Raya, realizing what needed to be done. She was talking to Aphrodite if her plan would work, and she said she’ll do it. To make Raya more beautiful than ever before, by making Raya’s name come true. By adding actual rayas onto Raya, and this made her beautiful. Everybody cared for her now. No one made fun of her anymore, but she was still Artemis’ favorite animal on earth. Now a new species was made on that day. Raya was changed from a spotted caballo, into a new animal. Which is called a cebra.