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Izanami is the Hero!

By: Varica T.
New Jersey, Age 10

Once upon a time there was a goddess named Izanami. And a monster named Hydra. Izanami had the power to fly. Hydra was a five headed dragon. He was very mean no one liked him. They all wanted him dead. Hydra always made people scared. He was terrifying. Izanami was very nice, and she was not afraid of Hydra. Everyone asked if Izanami wanted to go where Hydra lived and kill Hydra. So Izanami went where Hydra lived, and it took her 6 hours to get there. She spent hours trying to find out HydraĂs weakness. She finally did. It was water. So she lured Hydra to the sea. But it was so dark. Izanami pushed Hydra into the water, and he fell in. Hydra started to melt and get eaten by sharks. The next day everybody waited for Hydra to come back. Then Izanami woke up and told everyone the good news.
She said, ˘I killed Hydra last night, and his weakness is water.÷
Izanami became the town hero. Everyone loved Izanami.
She went down in history.