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Night and Day's Daughter

By: Tamara B.
California, Age 13

In a time when the earth was just beginning, when the universe was still in its youth, Day, a gorgeous young maiden draped in a golden toga, and Night, a dark and mysterious gentleman who was the keeper of the blanket of darkness, met and fell deeply in love. With their love they created the most extraordinarily beautiful daughter, who had a wonderful carefree spirit. They decided to name their baby girl Twalygh.
Twalygh had her motherÆs radiant beauty. She had stunning strawberry blond hair flowing down to her ankles and a graceful figure, but she also had her fatherÆs mysteriousness. The same type enchantment that draws people outside to gaze at the night sky for hours upon hours. To match her daughterÆs elegance, Day searched for the finest silk and dyes the galaxy had to offer to make TwalyghÆs dazzling gown. The gown, when finished shimmered and sparkled in the sunlight as her daughter played in the sky.
The daughter of Day and Night became adored and loved by the creatures of the earth. She was a radiant child filled with joy, which she spread throughout the lands. The inhabitants of earth, however, could never pronounce her name quite right and she became known as Twilight instead of her original name Twalygh.
As a child Twalygh enjoyed prancing about in the sky between her parents. Her playfulness and dazzling gown wiping across the sky caused people to look up and be enchanted by the spell of the magical colors her dress made the sky appear to be. As she grew older her prancing would slowly change to graceful ballet dance across the sky. She would effortlessly perform pirouettes and leaps causing her dress to whirl about the sky and become magnificent colors of rosy pinks and lavenders. Even though she was growing out of the years of her youth she still followed closely behind her mother on the journey across the sky. Following close behind them would be her loving father and when the time came he would cover both of the loves of his lives with a blanket of darkness and stars known more commonly as night. The creatures of the world called this amazing site a lovely colors painting the sky twilight after Twalygh, but as the years began to past it began to be more widely known as a sunset.