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The Fight for Destiny

By: Kevin W.
New Jersey, Age 10

In a faraway land a mischievous monster was wrecking a village. The monsterĘs name was Chi You! A warrior had a destiny to defeat this monster. The warriorĘs name was Durga. She also had a side-kick named Bite-a-bite. The two were very strong together. However, the monster could control lightning! He had four eyes, two horns, and blue hair. Durga had five arms with a weapon in each hand. She also had a green crown. Finally, they had a fight next to an erupting volcano! Chi You had a better chance of winning because he could control lightning, but Durga was very fast. Finally when Chi You wasnĘt looking, Biteūa-bite jumped and Durga stabbed Chi You with a sword. Chi you was on the ground, and lava was coming near him. Then the lava was covering him, and he burned.