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Picky Princess

By: Jacy H.
Virginia, Age 13

Once upon a time there lived a young princess named Roxanne. Her friends called her princess Roxy. Roxy was very picky about who she wanted to marry! She never even thought about being with a guy smaller or younger than her. He would have to have long blonde hair, so there's something to hold on to, and beautiful aqua eyes.
One day at her sister's wedding many guys came up to her like Zues, Posiedon, Elvis, and much more. But, of course she said no. Then, and man appeared from the door way. He was shirt less with beautiful aqua eyes and long blonde hair. He looked a little older than her and was extremely tall. She fell attracted to him.
She asked her sister who it was. She said it was Fabeo! She tried getting his attention but he never even looked at all. Then she left to the bathroom and looked into the mirror. POOF! aphrodite appeared!
''So I understand you like Fabeo'', she said. Luckly you have one wish, you can be irresitible to him! So Aphrodite explained everything to princess Roxy. Of course she agreed. She walked into the room and he instintly noticed her. He fell in love and asked her to marry her. But, he couldn't see him so he asked him to get on one knee.
Since then when they proposed they get on one knee.