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Rain and Rainbows

By: Taylor B.
Vermont, Age 13

Far away in the middle of the ocean there was a rude and cruel monster. The monster hated people. He was very large and had four eyes. There was a god that watched over him, but did nothing, just observed. The monster terrorized people that came near the island. He thought the island was his, but really it was Mother Natures. Sometimes when he saw ships he would make them crash into sharp rocks and most people wouldn't make it out alive.
One day there was a young man, he was sailing on a boat with his father. They were smoothly sailing and all of the sudden, BOOM! A huge wave hit their boat. The huge wave was caused by the monster, when he had noticed the ship he made a giant wave hit the boat. “Father”, yelled the young man, reassuring that that his father was okay. There was no answer.
After hearing no answer he rushed across the ship, like a chicken with its head cut off. He found his father dead. “No!”, he cried. The god looked down and saw the young man crying with his father in arm. The god noticed what had happened when he saw how close the ship was to the monsters island. The god became very sorry for the young man. He even started to cry. His tears filled the sea.
The young man thought that there was a storm coming in soon, due to the rain and the wave. He quickly spotted the island, that was about a half mile away. He turned the ship around and headed toward the island. The god noticed him going toward the monster, which he knew meant danger. The god got worried and started to throw thunder bolts to warn the young man. The young man just thought that the storm was getting worse. He finally reached the island.
He wasn’t sure what would be there, so he grabbed his fathers sword. He explored the island, until he found a cave. He went into the cave and cried to himself. Until, he heard a noise from afar. He was afraid to go any further into the cave because he had no source of light. Then, he looked over, and saw, four big red eyes staring at him! He screamed in fear. The monster charged him. He grabbed his sword and fought the beast. He swung his sword all over. All of the sudden the monster dropped in his foot steps. The young man had slayed the beast. The god saw this and became very happy. He threw a thunder bolt across the sky and a line of colors appeared.