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By: Jerem B.
Vermont, Age 13

Quakes the giant man, son of the great god Zeus was all alone his mother had died at his birth and his father lived on Olympus and had not a care for him. Most of his life he just sat alone in his house; he grew to like being alone listing to the people, animals, and storms they made his imagination run wild. Over the years he accumulated many books he often read early in the morning. On an early morning he heard a boy start to talk badly about him and a small anger grew and Finally one day he snapped and came out of his house and just stomped on the ground people, animals, and houses fell.
Up on Olympus Zeus and all other gods noticed some thing start to shake and then fall.
He announced, “What is this disturbance!”
“Zeus!” “Zeus!” Hermes cried.
“What is it.”
“Your son the one of Karrine is stomping and making the earth shake.”
“Throw him to Hades for punishment.”
Quakes had stopped stomping and realized the damage he had inflicted. He started to run away but the gods Hermes and Hephaestus swept him away to Hades palace in the under world.
“Why have you bothered me.” Hades bellowed.
“Your brother Zeus has sent a mortal to you for punishment.” Hermes replied
“Well I will see to it that hes punished.”
Hermes and Hephaestus left off as punishment it would be for Quakes. The first punishment for him was for him to be cemented into a wall of mud forever but as strong as quakes is he broke out of this. Next they tried to width hold him in in an iron house, after two days he once again broke out of this. hades put a mountain on him and still broke it into a pile of ruble. Finlay in total rage he called upon Hephaestus.
“I need you to fashion the unbreakable chains again.” He bellowed.
“ Yes sir.” he replied tiresomely.
Hades chained him to the ground in Athens every time he struggled the earth shakes. if the chains come loose from the ground the city crumbles and he is summoned to a new area, This is why there are earthquakes.