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Nature Goddess Jada

By: Kaitlyn C.
Vermont, Age 13

One night up in the peaceful cold mountains stood the beautiful Jada. She was as beautiful as Aphrodite some say. With her long blond hair, and crystal blue eyes, she drove anyone who looked at her to stare. Whenever someone looked at her, they would stop, and stare for what seemed like an eternity to some, then they would turn into snowflakes. They turned into snowflakes because the evil Hydra had cursed the beautiful Jada when she was only two years old. When she casted the spell she said, “Whenever someone looks at you, they will stare, then they will turn into snow! You will never find true love. You will always be lonely, like a neglected child, with no one to love.” So poor Jada, all alone up in the snowy mountains. She knew she was beautiful, and she knew people would stare, she was heartbroken. Whenever someone turned to admire her beauty, they turned into snow.
One day Jada wondered if there was anyone who could break the spell. She wondered if she could ever find true love. Everyday there was at least one person who walked the mountains of Spares. So that meant that Jada turned at least one person everyday into snow. Jada worried that everyone in the world would soon be turned into snow. Then she really would be all alone. Up in the mountains of Spares there was at least six feet of snow. When Jada first lived in the mountains there was no snow. Once Hydra put the curse on her, the snow just kept coming, and coming, and coming, and coming. It came like a waterfall after a storm. No human knew about the snow until they went up to the mountains of Spares. Once they went up there, they never came back down. No one understood why it was so cold, and why there was this fluffy white stuff on top if the mountains. It was at least negative ten up in the mountains, and Jada was always cold. She was as cold as she was beautiful.
Jada was sitting on the ice one day, thinking. She was still thinking and wondering if she would ever find someone to break the curse and someone she could love for eternity. Jada thought for awhile, and then she began to fall asleep. She let herself fall into a deep sleep. She awoke to soft footsteps. It was Aphrodite. When Aphrodite saw Jada, she stopped and looked at her. When she began to to stare, Jada thought to herself, “Great. Another person I will turn into snow.” But Aphrodite never turned to snow. She walked over to Jada and sweetly said, “Hello”, with her sing song of a voice. Listening to Aphrodite talk was like listening to a bird sing at dawn. Sweet and peaceful. “Hello”, Jada said cautiously. Jada still thought that soon enough, Aphrodite would turn into snow. Aphrodite and Jada talked for hours and hours, and Aphrodite never turned into snow. Hydra was furious! She was as mad as an open flame. No one understood why Aphrodite could talk to Jada and never be turned into snow like the rest.
Finally, they all understood why Aphrodite could talk to Jada and never be turned into snow. Aphrodite was as beautiful as Jada. Aphrodite was not taken by how beautiful Jada was. She might stop to look at Jada, but had no intention to stare. Jada was so happy! Jada was as happy as a kid on the last day of school before summer break. Jada and Aphrodite spent just about everyday together, talking and talking. One day, a stranger came to the mountains. Jada tried to turn away, but the stranger saw her. Jada was ready for him to turn into snow, and he did. But Jada was satisfied with just one friend. That friend was Aphrodite. This is how there came to be snow. Whenever Jada looked at someone, they turned to snow. But the cold weather always helps to make snow. So now, its not just when Jada looks at someone, but when the cold weather sets in and it rains, snow also comes.