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A Courageous Man

By: Jordyn U.
Vermont, Age 13

Once there was a man, a strong, sagacious man named Gilgamesh. Gilgamesh was a very handsome god. He was the god of river and streams. Gilgamesh was the son of Hades god of the underworld. Every day from dawn till dusk he swims up stream to see the most beautiful goddess of all. The goddess name is Katherine she is the goddess of fish and dolphins. The beautiful lady sat on the same rock every morning at 10 sharp.
Until one day, she wasn’t there. Gilgamesh got curios. “ Where is Katherine” Then he heard a scream and all of a sudden found himself fighting Hydra , the five headed, malicious dragon. The fight took place on the peaceful mountain of Aaron. This was no other mountain. This mountain was split down the middle each side was only 5 feet wide. The Battle had begun!!!!!!
Gilgamesh and Hydra battled it out for 5 grueling hours straight. Gilgamesh became tired, and with one more slash of his sword Hydra fell off the Mountain and down, down, down he fell. Hydra fell so fast he ran right down to Gilgamesh’s father Hades and was gone forever.
And finally Gilgamesh had the goddess Katherine’s heart for the rest of his life. So now every day from dawn till dusk Gilgamesh and Katherine swum up and down the stream together.