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United Kingdom, Age 10

A long time there was a goddess called Durga who had six arms. Who lived in a city called Gollacarma which was a peaceful city. Everybody lived happily in Gollacarma, until one day when the peace was broken by a cantankerous beast named Hydra.

Hydra kept stealing people from Gollacarma and taking them away to his treacherous underground cave and eating them. This became a real big problem and the numbers in Gollacarma were decreasing rapidly.

Durga was sent by the mayor to go and kill Hydra. She went to the cave where he lived.Durga looked all around the cave but couldn't find him anywhere. Suddenly Hydra appeared from nowhere with quick reactions threw a knife at the beast and it hit him right in the heart and killed him, Hydra fell into the sea and caused a massive hurricane and that's how hurricane's began.

By Owen & James B