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Milky Way

By: Aniket M.
California, Age 13

Once upon a time there was a king named Bob. His people loved him. He had a son named Don, just as sharp and strong like him. One day the king was declared war on by a nomadic tribe that has hated the kingdom for many centuries. The leader of this tribeĂs name was Bill. There was one reason why no one tried to challenge BillĂs authority. His evil dad, whose name was John Milky, gave his son a boon that the person who drops his head on the floor will be thrown into space.
One day Don set up an army to go against Bill. BillĂs army was more experienced and larger, he wouldnĂt let anybody go from DonĂs army. They massacred all of them - even Don. When Bob found out that his son went to fight Bill alone, he was really mad. He swore that he would conquer Bill and Milky. He went out to find Bill and his father to punish them for what they had done. Bob had to conquer many phases. First he had to conquer a big army, then he had to face a dragon on a bridge, and he had to climb many rocks and trees. Bill and John Milky were hiding some place in the jungle.
On the day that he set out to conquer them, one of his wise men told him that he had to be careful because the man who drops BillĂs head on the floor will be thrown into space. He went out to try to beat the army, Both armies fought fiercely, but when the battle was almost over the opposing army was in better shape. After that Bob had whistled twice which meant to fake retreat, then they surrounded the army and shot arrows from behind the trees. After that BobĂs army came rushing out to beat the evil army. From nowhere ten men with long bows shot killing many of BobĂs men. BobĂs army was in bad shape so all of them started running away. But then Bob remembered some traps that he set up so when the army was following him, he climbed a tree and pulled on a rope. This caught lots of people in a net. Then he ran passed a little area where if you stepped you would fall on a lot of spears. After that the rest of the evil army died by falling in quick sand. Well Bob had won the first phase of the challenge. Then he went on with remainder of his army even though some of them had wounds and lacerations, they did not want to leave their king.
During the next phase they went to the bridge, where the dragon was lying behind the bridge, near the lake. The dragon was fierce every time Bob or his army shot an arrow. He would demolish it and blow fire to give some of the army third degree burns. After that all of BobĂs army had casualties and he had to fight the dragon himself. The bridge was breaking every time the dragon let out fire, and Bob tried to block it with his shield. Bob was just an ordinary guy, and he was getting tired. Somehow he had to defeat the dragon. He looked at the lake, ran off the bridge, and got a bucket of water. The dragon did not know what he was doing so he kept on letting out fire. Then right before he let out more fire Bob threw cold water in his throat. The dragon could not breathe, as he could not let out fire so he died. Now Bill has won his next phase. With all his army having casualties, he goes on to fight Bill by himself.
Bill is pretty tough guy, he is faster and taller than Bob. First they got their swords and started fighting. Both were eager, Bill tried to slash Bob and Bob would block it, then Bob would try to slash Bill and Bill would block. After that both their swords broke because they pushed it against each other. Then they got their bows and arrows and shot at each other. First Bill shot BobĂs bow down then Bob shot BillĂs bow down. After that it started raining hard so both of them could not see each other. They both were brave, they did not retreat. They continued to shoot arrows without aiming with hope it would hit the other guy. Then Bob backed out for a second, and he moved to a spot where he could see Bill and shot him with a nine feet long arrow.
BillĂs body landed on his fatherĂs lap while Milky was getting ready for war to help his son. Milky dropped BillĂs head on the floor while getting up. Bill was dead and Milky was thrown into the space as per the boon he had said. The way that Milky went to space is called the ˘Milky Way.÷