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Percy and zeus

By: Vlad S.
North Carolina, Age 13

Every day zeus will go to earth to find good strong hereos.One day he was wondering through out the forest when a minatour poped out of no were.zeus was aout to kill it unill he saw a boy of poisedens, and his mom.
the minatour started twords them.the mom tried to fight it but she was killed or turned into dust.percy got real mad and took his sword out (riptide).
Only then did he see that zeus was standing there watching every thing.
percy took charge but not at the monster but at zeus.zeus had killed him and went back to olympus.
poisiden was waiting at zeus's throne.
when zeus got to olympus poiseden started a fight.Now evry day poiseden is reminded
of percy he fights zeus.
that is how hurricanes and thunder storms started