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Posiden and the dragon

By: Spencer S.
North Carolina, Age 13

One day posiden was sitting by the beach resting and taning. THe water was still very still and quiet. ''Never has it been so still'' said posiden. Well he went back to the ocean his home and took a nap. He took a 7 day long nap. When he awoke the ocean was not still it was mad. Posiden asked his cheif commander what was wrong he said ''the ocean is angry because there is a dragon in it''. Posiden swam so fast he shot out of the ocean like a bullet. ''Stop'' said posiden to the dragon. The dragon went into an outrage and went at posiden. posiden dodged and attacked the dragon. For hours they battled and battled. Finally posiden killed the dragon. Everyone was happy and joyous that posiden killed the dragon. Posiden never fought a good foe in memory of his foe. Posiden made the ocean crazy but not too crazy to be dangerous. That is how we have waves from the oceans.