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Poseidon and Hermes

By: Titus M.
North Carolina, Age 13

In the middle of the sea, Poseidon and Hermes were locked in epic battle. Hemes, noticeing he was being beat, so he fled to a land locked area. Poseidon chased after him but was soon stopped by the beach. There was no way in. Hermes laughed at Podeidon's failure. Poseidon, now tired went back to devise a new plan. That night Hermes had a festival and drank many bottles of wine. In the morning Poseidon returned with a perfect plan. He struck the ground with his trident. The ground cracked open and water filled its place. Hermes still half drunk did not notice. that was his last mistake. Poseidon entered through the, known now as a river,and struck Hermes down with one swing.