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By: Tyler P.
Louisiana, Age 11


One day Hercules went to look for some fruit.There was usually a lot of fruit in the forest but there was no fruit today.After a while Hercules and his calf saw a little man.He had a big basket of fruit in his hand.Hercules asked the little man''Where have you gotten all of that fruit?''''I got it just before the minotour got it''the little man replied.''What do you mean the minotour got it?''asked Hercules.The little man said''The minotour stole it so people could come get it so it could eat them.''''Well, I guess I have to go get it so I can feed me and my calf.''
Hercules carried a calf on his shoulders all the time so it could make him really strong.''Do you know how to get to the minotour?'' Hercules asked.''Oh yes,''said the little man ''But I wouldn't dare to go near that place.''''Why?''asked Hercules.''Where does he live?''''He lives in the labyrinth.''''Well, can you at least show me the labyrinth?''''Yes, I will tell you how to get there.''said the little man.
It took 4 days to get to the labyrinth, but when they got there it was a beautiful entrance but they didnt have any time to waste.They looked around for something or someone but there was nothing.They turned around and saw the little man with a ball of string.He said''Take this it will lead you.''Before they could ask any questions he dissappeared.
Hercules took the ball of string and dropped it at the entrance.Next it unraveled and they followed it.There was little light but you could still see.It took 4 hours to get to the fruit but the smell was wonderfull with all the fresh fruit.Finally they made it to the fruit tree. the minotour wasn't there.Hercules calf jumped off his shoulders and at the fruit tree.Then the minotour charged the calf but hercules dove into the minotour and it slid back ten feet and his horn stuck in the wall.Hercules took his chance and charged the minotour and his horn broke off.Hercules got the horn and stabbed the minotour in the neck and it turned into a pile of ashes.
The next day the whole town got their fruit back and Hercules was a hero.