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Rian and waterfalls

By: Zach K.
Michigan, Age 13

The Waterfall And Rainbows

The poseidon made all of the waterfalls.This story is about the all of the waterfalls on earth and how they were a very long time ago there was tree brother that were on a journay and found a waterfall.At first they didnt now what all this water was doing just poring off a clift.When they got home they looked up what (what is a waterfall).They didnt find anything when they looked it up.The next day they went to the the waterfall again and the posidan the god of the water and weather.The tree brothers asked posidan what the big clift with water falling and the posidan said the it was a waterfall and that he made it.
The next days they went to the waterfall every day to see the posidan.When they got to the waterfall thry said that we are going to see if anything is up ahead.So the three brothers went and they found athother waterfall but it was getting dark out and at the bottom of the waterfall they found a rainbow.
The next four days the rainbow was there at same time.The tree brothes thought it was really weird. when they went closer they saw this tree headed doy blocking the path when ever thet tried to go around the tree dogs.
The next three days the went to the first waterfall and the posidan wasnt three but thr fourth day he was there so the tree brother asked if the posidan if he new how to move the tree headed dog.The posidan ssaid let me go see if the owner is in the under world so i will lwt you know in a few days.
When the posidan got back from the underworld and
he said you have to get soe of the waterfall water and throught it on the three headed dog “ok”.The boys went and got the water and when the water hit the dog the dogs disapered and so the boys could see the rainbow.after all the tree boys got to see the posidan and see a waterfalland a rainbow.When the tree boys got home they told the mother of the earth(there mom) that they saw a rainbow and a waterfall.