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Orion loves Artemis

By: Tyler G.
California, Age 13

A long time ago there was a mighty god named Poseidon, god of the seas. At the time Poseidon was a little worried that his son Orion would never get married, so Poseidon went to the shore of the sea and called out to his son. Then out of the thick brush came Orion. Poseidon then told his son that he needed to find a wife and Orion agreed with him. After that Poseidon fled to deepest darkest part of his domain as Orion wandered into the forest to find his soul mate.
One day when Orion was searching for his true love he spotted Artemis, goddess of the hunt. Deep down inside Orion had a feeling that she was the one he was suppose to marry, but the only problem was his lack of confidence. After a long pep talk to himself he decided to man up and talk to her. After the embarrassing meeting between the two, they got to talking and realized they had so much in common, like they were meant for each other. After Orion noticed that Artemis had began loving him, he decided to go tell his father that he has found a girl he would like to marry.
As Orion stood on the shore about to shout Poseidonís name, his father emerged from the frigid depths of the sea. Before Orion could tell his dad the good news Poseidon exclaimed ď If you donít leave her right now I will bring destruction on whatís most dearest to her, the moon.Ē Orion had so many mixed emotions right at that moment, so he decided to flee from his father into the forest to tell Artemis he had to leave and could not associate with her anymore.
On the way of telling Artemis what happened he was still curios how his father knew what he was about to say and why he had to leave the one he had began loving. Finally when Orion got there he told Artemis what happened and said he had to leave. They were both very upset and mad at Poseidon, so they came up with a plan to lie to Poseidon and say that Orion has moved on so he will not be seeing Artemis anymore, but this was not the truth at all.
Everyday the two lovebirds would hang out until dark, but one day that all changed when Poseidon called to his son so he could see if his son had obeyed him. His father asked Orion if he had been seeing anybody new, but Orion was so disappointed that he had been disobeying his dad that he truthfully said no then let the cat out of the bag. Poseidon was very upset with the two and gave them both punishments. Artemisís punishment was to watch the moon as it got severely hurt by Poseidon and Orionís punishment was to watch the wounds for all eternity day and night.
In space there is a constellation of stars called the Orionís belt which is Orion overlooking the moon, Artemis. This is the reason why we have an Orionís belt and why the moon has craters. The moral of this myth is to always be honest because lying can hurt yourself and others near and dear to you.