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Peace God

By: Lane S.
Kansas, Age 13

There once was a great Indian chief named Chief Kang. Him and his tribe lived along the Mississippi River and used the river for a lot of resources. They were only one of the 5 groups in their nation. The others lived right along the river but they didn’t communicate and they had a lot of wars and battles.
One day Kang and his warriors were out hunting when they were ambushed by another group. Kang and his warriors escaped the attack but he was wounded very fatally. When they got back to the tribe one of the women had had a baby named Great Buffalo. The Child would grow up to be a very strong leader and chief of the group.
A few months later Kang died of his wounds from the battle. The nations then began to have wars very often and that led to the splitting of the groups. This went on for a few years and then Great Buffalo began to take control of the group and they made him their chief. He tried to make peace among the tribes but that was no use. While this was happening there was a great peace God named Sanka coming to bring peace.
It took months for Sanka to finally arrive but one day he was out on the Mississippi when he was a man standing in the middle. He went towards him but he began to disappear. He went back and told the tribe about this man that he called Sanka the peace God. The next day the village is attacked and there were very little survivors. When Great Buffalo came out from his longhouse he saw the shape of a giant man.
It was Sanka; he told Great Buffalo he had came to bring peace to the land and form the Washuka Federation to help keep war from the nations. Great Buffalo listened and they agreed to go to the surrounding tribes and bring peace. They went to the first four tribes and they all agreed and followed Sanka and Great Buffalo. They got to the final tribe but they would not follow Sanka so they had to per sway them to but they still wouldn’t listen.
Sanka called out to the Great God of the Mississippi and begged for his help. The God banished the people from the land and made them into peace bringing natives. The Washuka Federation has kept peace among the nations for many years now