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Poseidon and the Earth

By: Carlie S.
Kansas, Age 13

Poseidon was one of the three main gods. The other two were his brothers, Hades and Zeus. One day Poseidon went to Greece to replenish the water supply. When he went to the main well he saw the most beautiful mortal he had ever seen. She had chestnut hair that fell to her waist and beautiful sea green eyes that looked as if they had been weeping. He asked what was wrong and she replied, “I have had no water to quench my thirst in four days and my body aches for it.” Poseidon couldn’t stand to see her like that so he said, “I am Poseidon, God of the Sea, and I would gladly give you water and quench your thirst.” He gave it to her and then asked for her name and she replied, “Accelia, my name is Accelia.”
Over time Poseidon fell in love with Accelia and her with him. They had a little boy together and named him Percy, he had beautiful blue eyes like his father and shaggy chestnut hair like his mother. Poseidon was spending most of his time with them and he started neglecting his god duties and people were becoming enraged. Zeus decided to resolve the problem and called a meeting of the gods which was held in a building in Olympius, home of the gods. During the meeting Zeus passed a law banning gods from seeing their demi-god, half god half mortal, children. Poseidon was angry, so he gathered some of the gods who had demi-god children and waged a war against Zeus and the other gods. The battle lasted seven days and nights. Zeus won the battle, but he allowed the other gods to say goodbye to their children. Poseidon said goodbye to Accelia and Percy with great pain in his deep blue eyes. Afterwards, Poseidon grieved for twenty-three days and twenty-two nights. He wept profusely and eventually covered the world with his tears. The land began shrinking, the water rose, and the people moved farther and farther inland. When Poseidon ceased grieving the Earth had almost completely been covered in water. Poseidon eventually returned to his duties, but never forgot Accelia or Percy, whom he watched over all the time.