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A Creation Lost

By: Jenny C.
California, Age 14

Once, God created Earth, with two humans. One human was named Irine and the other was named Trange. Earth had a huge garden and a secret mountain that God created for the two humans. This mountain was secretive because it has plenty of tigers that will attack you any second you walk onto that mountain. When Irine and Trange were created, God told them, “Always be aware of your surroundings,” and left to the heavens to spy on them, to see if they would listen.
Irine and Trange were allowed to eat as much food in the garden as they wanted. They exercised by picking the food off trees and putting it in a pile so they can save some for midnight snacks. Midnights were always dark and cold so no one would get up and pick fruits. They lived in the garden and it was all to themselves. They slept on leaves that fell off trees and used flowers as blankets to keep warm during the night.
One day, Irine and Lecious woke up not really hungry, so they decided to wander around Earth. As they were wandering, they found the secret mountain. It was tall and foggy with trees everywhere. They didn’t know what could be hiding there. Pipolicous and Lecious were curious to see what was in that mountain. They were so curious that they ignored a sign saying, “Warning! Tigers in this mountain are vicious. Anyone who walks in here will be possibly eaten by tigers.” As they walked in, there was a slight breeze. It smelled stinky, like the smell of scat on the ground from an irresponsible animal. They knew that something lived on this mountain. As they walked a little farther in the mountains, there was a shadow over them. The shadow was so big that it scared them so they tried to run away as fast as they can. It was hard for them because they were stepping on thick wet mud and the mud was sinking every step they take. Plants started to have a breeze blowing in every direction ever though there was no wind. Plants couldn’t possibly be moving if there was no wind. What could it be?
They kept running for their lives, and got even more terrified. Tigers came out of nowhere, in every direction, and chased them. The roars of the tigers terrified them, making them run even faster. The tigers ran the speed of 50/mph, allowing the tigers catch the two humans. Irine and Trange were hyperventilating and didn’t really know what to do, only to run as fast as they can. As they try to maneuver their way to the end of the mountain (like an obstacle course), so that it would be harder for the tigers to catch them, but not too long later, Irine and Trange got bitten on their legs. They survived the bite and successfully ran out of the mountain without getting fully eaten, but their wounds were throbbing with intense pain. They weren’t sure what to do so they went back to the garden and put random plants on their legs to see if it would stop the pain. As they were leaving the plants on their legs, they heard a sound, like a voice of someone talking to them.
It was God who was talking to them, God was furious at them. God told them to be aware of their surroundings and yet they ignore the signs in their surroundings. They ignored God because they didn’t know who God was. They thought the voice was just another human on Earth. They not only ignored God, but disrespected God saying he’s not God, just a lonely animal. God decided to punish them by taking Earth away from them. They are not to live on Earth ever again and not have food ever again. After God declaring that, they still didn’t believe God. What else can God do? After declaring it, Irine and Trange still didn’t believe God so God took Earth and food away from them. Without Earth, Irine and Trange had to fall in a black hole. Without food, Irine and Trange died. God created Irine and Trange so that they can learn to live peacefully, truthfully, and happily, but they didn’t fulfill his wishes. God created Earth so that Irine and Trange would have a place to live on and stay warm. God created the secret mountain so that he can test if Irine and Trange would follow his words and perish them. Turns out, they didn’t. Since they fell in a black hole and died, it was like not creating them in the first place. They didn’t perish the creation and it turned out to be a creation lost.
Do you now understand the consequences of not following directions? If not, then beware. God might take you away………