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By: Colten B.
Idaho, Age 10

Poseidon the god of water wanted to give a gift to one of the gods,but he didn't know which needed it.Zeus was selfish and wanted every thing so he made a gift for Poseidon.Zeus made the stars.Poseidon said ''thank you''and walked away.Zeus was mad,but he made a new gift called Uranus.The other gods saw what he was doing so they did the same thing.All the gods made differant things called Mercury,Venus,Earth,Mars,Saturn,Jupiter, Neptune,and Pluto.Everybody was happy with their planet,but Mother Earth wasn't.Earth was dry and hard.Everyday she would eat,but not drink because she didn't have water.Poseidon saw that mother was lonely and thirsty.Poseidon gave her the gift of water.Zeus was outraged he took the stars as far away from the earth and makes lightning to show how mad he is.