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Myth Narrative: I Wonder How the Sun Was Made

By: Katie C.
Canada, Age 13

A long, long time ago there was a little boy who was just born by the two leaders of the aboriginal peoples. Those leaders were named King Jambi and Queen Meredith they decided to name the little boy Sun after his grandfather. They lived in a world full of darkness and the king and queen was always trying to find light. They thought if they could see at least something they would be grateful for the rest of their lives. Thirty years later of trying to find light King Jambi and Queen Meredith died of old age. On their death bed King Meredith made Prince Sun the King. He said “Please keep on looking for light. One day when you find it you will be a hero.” He paused to take a breath. “My son a hero…” Then he drifted off in peace. Queen Meredith turned towards Sun and said “I love you Sun.” Then she drifted off also. Sun who was now 30 years old knew what his destiny was. He had to find light no matter what. Ten years later. Everyone was so exhausted. They haven’t taken a break in days. It felt like every day the world got darker and darker. King Sun remembered ten years ago he could at least see faces and sticks and trees but now he couldn’t see anything. He put his hands up right in front of his eyes. No luck. That didn’t stop him he kept on walking and walking. “King Sun can we please have a break?” The King stopped walking and said “Sir Do you realise that it ahs gotten darker and darker everyday? Ever since my parents died it seems that you people have given up. But I’m not!” Right when he was finished saying that he walked and then fell. The people ran over to help him. But before they got to him he stood up with two wooden sticks in his hand. He wondered “What do these do? All my life I have seen these on the ground but no one bothered seeing if they can help us.” He tried to look at them but still no luck it has gotten darker in the past few hours. He started to panic. He tried all he could to get light his whole life and now he was desperate. Finally he rubbed them together. It made a huge fire everyone jumped away because they were scared. Then one man stepped up. “Look!” They all looked around they could see the trees. They were green! Every thing had colors to it. They all cheered and sang “Thank you for the light!” Over and over. Then later they all fell asleep. King sun couldn’t sleep. He kept on thinking about how they could get the light going forever. He took a stick and took some fire on it and went to get out of this forest. He wanted to let the people sleep so he left some directions to were he was going and then he head off. The next day all the people got up. They could see all types of animals now like birds that sing and squirrels chewing on some walnuts. It was beautiful. Then one of them said “Hey what’s this.” He picked up a piece of paper. A woman came over and said. “This is directions I know how to do this.” She lead them over to a cliff were King Sun was standing with a stick of fire in his hands. ''I couldn't sleep last night. All i could do was think about how we can make the whole universe light. Forever.'' He looked up to the dark sky. ''Then finally i got it.'' He looked up again and threw the fire in the sky. Everyone covered their heads expecting that it would fall on them. After a bit they realized that nothing fell. They looked up in the sky and the fire formed a huge circle in the sky and it was getting bigger and bigger until it stopped growing. It made a huge fire in the sky and it light up the whole world. Then a little child said ''Name it Sun.'' So they did. It was named after King Sun. He was a hero. The end Katie