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Poseidon and the Waterfall

By: Adrian and Christian M.
Florida, Age 13

Long ago this girl named Elaynad lived in a palace. She never got to go outside so she just sat in her room looked out the window and cried, and when she cried it rained. Her father got tired of her crying so he got angry and started throwing lightning bolt everywhere. Her mom would get very angry at him because he would yell at Elaynad. When her mom got upset she would send out the most powerful and loudest thunder that you can imagine.
On Elaynad’s 16th birthday her parents and her brother came in to her room and brought her a cake and sixteen gifts. But yet she didn’t want those gifts she only wanted one gift and that was to be able to go and discover what was outside.
“So dad” she said in a curious way.
“ Anything for my princess goddess of rain.”
“I’ve been wondering for a very long time now can I finally take a trip outside or even an adventure”-
“No! Absolutely positively NOT! Until you show me that you know how to survive out in the open world as a powerful goddess you may not!!!”He strikes the world below with one of his bolts.
“But dad” Elaynad cried out.

“Zeus!”Legna (mom) boomed with thunder. While Hercules howled with laughter sending out a powerful wind that sent out a tornado towards the underworld.
Soon after the thunder storm was cleared up Elaynad pleaded “dad can I please! Go take a step outside”. She tore out a loud cry of the most powerful goddess of rain.
2 minutes later…
Zeus disturbed her cry with a bright flash of lighting. Soon out of nowhere Hercules blew out a strong wind of laughter. Mom heard the strike she even louder than the first time she exploded! “Any more strikes out of you and we will be homeless, and any more Rain or wind out of you two my house will be flooded.”
After this Storm blew over for this day the argument came up every month. A couple times and made sure that the underworld never had a drought. So every time this is brought up the world will never know why Hercules and Elaynad couldn’t leave the house.