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By: Michaela D.
North Carolina, Age 13

Petey is the strongest little boy in the kngdom. He was always stronger then his father, Jeffer. Jeffer was the ruler of the United Kingdom. he was a very powerful ruler. Petey had won every match he got into. Twenty years later Petey was 29. The kingdom was in danger and so Jeffer told Petey that he was the kingdom's only hope so Petey went and tried to save the kingdom by, slaying this threeheaded dragon and sliced his face open by using his sword and then the next day Petey called his life-long friend Makayla to help him kill the horrifying beast. People heard around the town that she was going and helping him, and everyone made fun of her because they thought she was weak. But come to find out she was the strongest woman in the town. After Makayla and Petey saved the town they got married and had children, and ten years later Petey died of a common diease.