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By: Princess V.
North Carolina, Age 13

There was a goddess named paris. paris was a smart, beautiful, and a very kind person. paris was walking to the sea to look at her beauty. as paris was doing this she came across the hiduous fish ever. it had big whiskers, bitty eyes, and the uglists scales.the fish had notice her looking at him and ask her if there was somehting wrong. paris quickly told him how ugly he was and that if she was a fish she would never ever talk or even look at him. at this moment the fish was furious smoke was rising from the sea. paris had no idea what was going on and started to run away because she was scared. she was running as fast as she could until she fell on the ground. she was laying there when she felt really sliming and the look at her body and she realized she was a fish. paris had squrm to the sea to how she look. she was the uglists fish ever. paris looked at the fish and ask why he had did that to her. he replied and said