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Quest of Quetzalcoatl

By: Demetrio M.
Texas, Age 10

Welcome to a strange and beautiful world where human forms turn into seagulls,lions,bears,and stars.welcome to a world where the impossible seems. Common; where the moon, sun,and wind are all gods .Welcome to the world of greek mythology. One day in a villige a five headed dragon named hydry terrorized the valley.meanwhile a man named Quetzalcoatl was taking a stroll he triped on something. he looked down and saw a gold sword then he started to examine it.Just then he heard a loud shreek he turned around and saw the beast.He dashed toward the villge.Just as hydry was picking up a cow Quetzalcoatl cut Hydry's arm off the beast hollered in pain . The beast slashed at him.But Quetzalcoatl was to fast for hydry. He climed the nearest house and jumped(shhing) Quetzalcoatl cut all five heads off . And thats the mythology of Quetzalcoatl .