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Acid Underworld

By: Philip B.
Illinois, Age 8

One day Philip and sinecio were walking outside.then dun dun dun Philip and Sinecio fell into a hole.The hole seemed endless.finnaly (after a hour)they made it to the bottom.Hades was down there with a acid gun. He was trying tring to trap them down there. There was a hydra down there!The hydra was blocking the only exit. Hades start dumping acid everywhere.When Hades saw Philip and Sinecio He tryed to shoot acid at them. Suddenly Herculees fell on the on the hydra knock out the hydra. than it turned into a herculees vs hades fight. right in the begining of the herculees vs hades battle herculees threw hades across the acid. And there was a door that said hades on it so hades went in when hades came back out he could not go to the other side he was trapped by the acid. And that is why hades is trapped in the underworld.The end