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By: Pryton/Tyler R.
Illinois, Age 12

Long ago there was a man, but he wasn’t any normal man, he was a god known as the “DragonBorn, “said to be able to steal the souls of dragons. He was first attacked by a dragon when he was eating dinner with his family. As soon as he heard that there was a dragon attacking, he grabbed his sword and shield to help the guards fight off the dragon. Soon after he slayed the dragon, he absorbed his soul. He had no idea what was going on, but the guards said he was something known as “DragonBorn”.
“I’m not DragonBorn, my name is Miraak and I’m just a normal man”, said Miraak.
Crash!!!! Shake!!! Boom!!!!! “What was that”, said Miraak.
“It was the Graybeards summoning you I think”, said the guards.
“Go talk to the Jarl of Falkreath, he’s located at skyfall, the palace of Falkreath”, stated the guard. So Miraak set off to find the jarl of Falkreath to ask about the Graybeards.
“I’m here about the Graybeards, I want to know if they really were summoning me”, said Miraak.
“Why yes, the Graybeards have summoned you to MountHorothgar”, stated Jarl Ulfric.
“You need to know that you are a god, you are able to absorb the souls of dragons, the most powerful god alive’, said jarl Ulfric.
“How in the world am I supposed to get to them? Aren’t they in the sky or something?” said Miraak.
“No they are located at Mount Horothgar near water peaks barrow’, said Jarl Ulfric.
“Take my trusty horse Avarak who can’t die, and this ebony blade. You’ll need it to get to Mount Horothgar”, stated Jarl Ulfric.
I’m headed toward Mount Horothgar and some kid came up to me and said there was a creature heading toward Mount Horothgar. I found the creature and it happens to be a troll. The troll was sleeping in a cave by a pile of bones. I crept up to it and killed it before it could attack me or my horse.
I got to the top of the mountain and the graybeards said Alduin is returning.
“Alduin is the creator and source of all dragons in the world, and you must defeat him”, said the Graybeards. Take this Elder scroll and send him back to Oblivion. Here he comes now, be ready DragonBorn, said the Graybeards.
“Why can’t you do this? Said Miraak
“Only DragonBorn can read the Elder scroll, said the Graybeards.
Alduin was flying my way breathing fire towards me. I opened the Elder scroll, read it and it sucked in Alduin vanishing him back to oblivion.
“Thank you DragonBorn, you saved the world and put all dragons to their doom. We will always be safe because of you”, said the Graybeards.
So the DragonBorn vanished Alduin back to oblivion, and learned not to control people and all Dragons. From then on Dragons never existed.