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A Magical child

By: Jennifer K.
Tennessee, Age 15

There was a young woman from a small town that was isolated deep within the forest. She was at the age to be taught how a woman runs a household. The young woman tried to learn and failed everyday. In the evening she would go off to a waterfall and paint pictures. One day while she was there a mother and a small child that was in a wheelchair appeared on the other side of the waterfall. The young woman after another day of failure would go back to her special place by the waterfall. Everyday she would see the woman and child practice trying to walk together so he would no longer need his chair. The young woman watched him struggle everyday but he would never give up. One day after the days lessons were done the young woman returned to the waterfall as was her routine. She wish she could stay there because she failed at all she tried to learn about running a house. Today when the mother and child appeared she seen that the boy was able to now lift himself out of the chair. She thought back to all the days she watch him struggle and overcome his disability. She realize then that she should work harder than she has at learning to keep house and work hard at succeeding in all she learns. At this moment after she finish her thoughts she seen the mom and child glow and slowly start to disappear. The young woman realized she was giving the gift to see that nothing is impossible to overcome. She had witness the myth that was told for thousands of years that when you have a good heart and need to see that you can do whatever you put your mind to the little boy and his mom that use to live around here a long time ago will appear and help you learn the lesson of determination and succeeding.