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Normal Man's Plead

By: Dustin S.
Michigan, Age 13

Once upon a time when gods and goddesses ruled the earth there was one gods pet named Beaseus. That controlled the weather. It had a neck of a snake a body of a lion a head of a dragon and a buzz saw tail it was huge. If you gave him treasure he would give you the weather that you wanted where you wanted. Once there was this man Named Odiseus. He had Very little riches that wanted some tropical weather.
He prayed, ''Oh Beaseus please give me the weather I crave for where I live is in a drought and my people are dieing. I donĂt have much but I can do great deeds for you I will do anything''.
''I will give you the weather you crave, but you have to get me the sacred jewel of Aphrodite!''
˘I shall get this jewel you seek but you must promise the weather for if you donĂt I shall have a curse put upon you that will make it so Mother Nature!!!÷
So Odiseus set off. He was on his way to the cave of eternal beauty. When he got there the guardian which was a Cerberus (another gods pet) was sleeping, but has a very sensitive nose that can smell anything. The Cerberus woke up and started attacking. It was strike after strike, but in the end Odiseus won.
When he returned he gave the jewel to Beaseus, but Beaseus did not give the weather he promised and lost his powers because of it. So in the end Gaia Goddess of nature (A.K.A mother nature) got all of Beaseuses powers.