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Jace Beleren

By: Daniel S.
Illinois, Age 13

There once was a kid named Jace Beleren, who was the prince. The king was mysterious and nobody knew his name. His sister was older and higher. her name was Liiliana Vess. She had her mother's last name and Jace had his father's. Jace's parents were legendary planeswalkers who had represented two manas, blue and black. That caused Jace and Liliana to be normal planeswalkers of one color. Jace was blue mana, and Liliana was black mana.
Jace woke up in the middle of the night to a roaring thunderstorm. Jace was a normal kid, aside from his father and mother being the rulers, so he was worried. He woke up Liliana and they both ran outside to get to their father's tower. On the way, Liliana tripped and fell. Jace went to help her up, at the same time, a huge lightning bolt came and sturck them both. They both were in shock for the rest of the night. They woke up to yelling and rushing around. When they lookeed at eachother, they both flinched. Jace had a huge scar that was completely straight down the right side of his face and his eyes were glowing. When he saw his sister, he was so scared. Liliana went from being really petty to an extremely hideas, unusually pale with dark eyes. She also had dark and white hair. She was turned into a vampire and he was a powerful mage.