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Neptune, The God of the Sea

By: Jay P.
Illinois, Age 13

Through many years, there was a god by the name of Zeus. He had created a supernatural human being by the name of Neptune, the god of the sea. One day Neptune was out for as walk when he thought to himself that there were too many dry areas on this planet. So he thought to put water in those dry lands. But he needed a potion to do it.
He went out to his good friend Hephaestus to get this stuff. Once he got the things he needed, he went back home and started mixing in a very large pot. It took him a while to do this but after twelve hours of mixing and changing substances, he finally got it right. Then a giant cloud rose above the pot and then the substance rose from the pot and before you know it, there were seven oceans on this planet.
In conclusion, Neptune is the god of the sea. He made all of the oceans and seas which are still standing today. Without him, there would be no life on this planet. Now, Neptune is relaxing at home looking for something else to do in his life.